I was featured bout a weeeekkk ago. week ago. lol. Well last week was full of surprises. I was featured on THE Wendy Williams show as the “Instagram look of the day” and received a cute little gift in the mail too. Also, I was featured on FashionBombDaily as the “Bombshell of the day”. (click the link)

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Be confident in the skin you are in. At this age in my life, no one can touch my self-esteem. It is the ESTEEM of mySELF. How can you allow someone to destroy how you feel… about you?

You are Be-YOU-tiful !!!

Thrift & Rip

i am colorful . i am energized . i am inspired .



I’m versatile when it comes to what I wear. I truly feel most comfortable in street styled clothing. Of course, I got stares of my shirt being half in half out but I am confident whenever I step anywhere past my mailbox. I don’t care if I’m in second-hand goods. Regardless, of the millions I plan to make in the future my love for the thrift shop won’t ever die.

BLONDE MOMENT: The earliest known thrift/”charity” shop was in 1899 selling goods that were made by blind people to raise money. It’s obviously more popular now for different reasons such as, for those who are frugal, environmentalist, or fashionistas like myself on a hunt for one of kind items.DSC_0442DSC_0449


Thrift & Rip

plastic perfection


ohhhh lala . plastic perfection . this skirt was a must have when i first saw it . but i told myself “monique you don’t need it” . i left it at the store and said if its meant to be you’ll be here the next time i come . i came back and . . . wahhh la . it was still there . so duhh i bought it . lol . it was worth every penny . i was silly to have taken that risk of leaving it in the first place but obviously it was meant to be 🙂

plastic perfection // lipstick: victoria secret nude // statement necklace : aldo $35 // lace top : thrifted // skirt : blush pink h&m plastic $59 // shoes : f21 old


phographer : Kim Beaute