74th terrace online boutique


i’m super excited about my friend Brooke’s new online boutique . i woke up bright and early . got my makeup done by the talented MUA Mallory . i got the opportunity to do some of the styling for the other models, and did some modeling myself !. it was tons of fun . you will loveeee her pieces that she’s selected for all you fashionistas .

my fabulous friend Brooke was born and raised in Miami, FL; on 74th Terrace to be exact (the inspiration behind her boutique’s name) . i’ve always known her to love fashion since we were kids . she’s not only stunning but smart (bachelors degree from boston college in finance) she is going to bring some funky fashion for you ladies . don’t hesitate to contact her .

SHOP NOW at http://www.74thterrace.com!! yeeeeee 🙂