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I’m versatile when it comes to what I wear. I truly feel most comfortable in street styled clothing. Of course, I got stares of my shirt being half in half out but I am confident whenever I step anywhere past my mailbox. I don’t care if I’m in second-hand goods. Regardless, of the millions I plan to make in the future my love for the thrift shop won’t ever die.

BLONDE MOMENT: The earliest known thrift/”charity” shop was in 1899 selling goods that were made by blind people to raise money. It’s obviously more popular now for different reasons such as, for those who are frugal, environmentalist, or fashionistas like myself on a hunt for one of kind items.DSC_0442DSC_0449


Thrift & Rip

the good life .


my weekend is off to a good start . had a mini photoshoot on my friend’s yacht . FASHION . i’ve been wanting to wear this shirt from kenneth cole for the longest . the shirt was originally $95 but i got it on “sale” for $69 bucks . i know not really a sell but i had to have it !. its comfortable and i’m a sucker for great quality . silk is my favorite material to wear . my pink tutu skirt from forever 21 is old . actually, the last time i wore it was last halloween when i dressed as a fairy . my circle sunglasses, cupcake pendant, green triangle ring, two toned bracelet, and belt are all from f21 also . and my shoes . yesssss lawd . my new favorite item to my wardrobe . my high heel open ankle boot style court shoe was ($89.90) and worth every penny . they are definetly classic shoes that won’t ever go out of style . zara is one of my favorite stores to shop at . below you can get these looks or the alternative . i hope everyone enjoys there weekend . shop till you drop and enjoy your family . Happy holidays . xoxo .


Photograher: Boss Brooke


500x5007225201040_1_1_1Adult Tutu - Light Pink Organza Tutufbd94436428bf1d036e3b563460ed214.image.180x208

ALL white & LV


i’m a sucka for  B I G  chains & details . love my thrifted dress from will smith collection . amazing fit and was there  just for me !. this was my holiday shopping outfit today . didn’t really get much done but i was comfortable and cute lol . necklace : bubbles . express . pearls & gold chains . forever 21 . shoes : nasty gal . jeffrey campbell .

DSC_0697 DSC_0698 DSC_0703DSC_0672 DSC_0673



img-thingjcrew eyeletmodnique_louis_vuitton_cartier_hermes1urban-outfitters-white-jeffrey-campbell-scully-extreme-tread-platform-heel-product-2-13941447-026598451_large_flex

plastic perfection


ohhhh lala . plastic perfection . this skirt was a must have when i first saw it . but i told myself “monique you don’t need it” . i left it at the store and said if its meant to be you’ll be here the next time i come . i came back and . . . wahhh la . it was still there . so duhh i bought it . lol . it was worth every penny . i was silly to have taken that risk of leaving it in the first place but obviously it was meant to be 🙂

plastic perfection // lipstick: victoria secret nude // statement necklace : aldo $35 // lace top : thrifted // skirt : blush pink h&m plastic $59 // shoes : f21 old


phographer : Kim Beaute



Sushi & bishes .

IMG_2831IMG_2837IMG_2856SUSHI & B****** . had tons of fun this weekend taking pics . didn’t really think too hard about my outfit but it came out pretty dope . all i’m ever worried about is making sure i have some pink on . “when in doubt wear pink!! “.  i went for a modern female thug look . lol . idk if that made any sense . i teased my hair with a small tooth comb for a wild look (no its not nappy . its remy hunnie) . found this dope car in the parking garage we were in . i had to take a picture by it . . or on it .

OUTFiT//black beanie : thrifted $2 // F21 shades : $7.80// dopexgold long sleeve : $53 // shorts thrifted and custom made by d3doll //knee high socks $6 // shoes . sale . brought brand new for 5.88!!!  (i’ll never be too good for a sale)IMG_2876IMG_2872IMG_2862

should i bust his windows or nah? nah . i walked away . success is the sweetest revenge !! .


disclaimer . i do not work for dopexgold .