Last artwalk; 2015

I’m Broke Because Of Books

Indeed. Story of my life. Like seriously, you know how people buy drinks for girls in bars? Why can’t people do that at books stores? Like if I’m looking at a novel in Barnes and Noble and some person walks up to me and strikes up a conversation and offers to buy the book for me there is a lot better chance of that working out in their favor. *shrugs* I’m just throwing that out into the universe.

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the good life .


my weekend is off to a good start . had a mini photoshoot on my friend’s yacht . FASHION . i’ve been wanting to wear this shirt from kenneth cole for the longest . the shirt was originally $95 but i got it on “sale” for $69 bucks . i know not really a sell but i had to have it !. its comfortable and i’m a sucker for great quality . silk is my favorite material to wear . my pink tutu skirt from forever 21 is old . actually, the last time i wore it was last halloween when i dressed as a fairy . my circle sunglasses, cupcake pendant, green triangle ring, two toned bracelet, and belt are all from f21 also . and my shoes . yesssss lawd . my new favorite item to my wardrobe . my high heel open ankle boot style court shoe was ($89.90) and worth every penny . they are definetly classic shoes that won’t ever go out of style . zara is one of my favorite stores to shop at . below you can get these looks or the alternative . i hope everyone enjoys there weekend . shop till you drop and enjoy your family . Happy holidays . xoxo .


Photograher: Boss Brooke


500x5007225201040_1_1_1Adult Tutu - Light Pink Organza Tutufbd94436428bf1d036e3b563460ed214.image.180x208

plastic perfection


ohhhh lala . plastic perfection . this skirt was a must have when i first saw it . but i told myself “monique you don’t need it” . i left it at the store and said if its meant to be you’ll be here the next time i come . i came back and . . . wahhh la . it was still there . so duhh i bought it . lol . it was worth every penny . i was silly to have taken that risk of leaving it in the first place but obviously it was meant to be 🙂

plastic perfection // lipstick: victoria secret nude // statement necklace : aldo $35 // lace top : thrifted // skirt : blush pink h&m plastic $59 // shoes : f21 old


phographer : Kim Beaute



blue ocean floor .

And under the water you scream so loud but silence surrounds you . but i hear it loud and you fall in the deep and i’ll always find you – Justin Timberlake

IMG_6333IMG_6341Image 16ImageImage 2

BIG pink restaurant . chicken & waffles . i highly recommend this place if your looking for good vibes, great service and amazing food . i plan to try the fried oreos next time . yum .

Image 1Image 3IMG_6342

i love love love dresses . a “throw on” outfit for me is putting on a dress . its easy to accessorize and get that comfortable stylish look . it is perfect for the fall weather in miami . and when going simple you can never go wrong with a statement necklace . like my “Mr.T” gold chain.

baby blue for you *kisses* . //necklace: express $60 // forever 21:  blue dress $27.80 // betsey johnson watch: $65 // o.p.i. pinkin hot-hot-hot $8 //

Image 15

blog colorfully fashion conference .

Image 32013 styles of color fashion blog conference . SBOC director mattie james put on an excellent program at the hyatt regency this weekend in miami . like any event you may attend there are highs and lows . lows : keynote guest speaker, street etiquette cancelled at the last minute *sad face* . highs : event having some of the top fashion bloggers such as blake von d, down to stars, kela’s kloset, the tiny closet, all things slim, the skinny hipster, charles wade, style chic 360 and omg many more . every speaker was sweet as can be but of course there is always that one bad apple/”diva”. nevertheless, even that was impossible to kill my vibe when surrounded by  extremely talented women . i went to five different workshops and its hard to say which one was my favorite . but my gosh i fell in love with  attorney, shay m. lawson big beautiful curls in workshop “no no no, you should be getting paid for that.” she helped me realize i need to cover my bases as a blogger when posting content, collaborating with brands and signing agreements . “pr worthy” with nicole garner was also very informing with helping with press and connecting with brands . good thing i already have a pr ! and honeyyy, I’ve got to get a dslr cameras after “outside of the blogging box” workshop and speaking personally with host anais alexandre . dslr nikon please santa  🙂

entirely, i had an awesome time . ambitious woman in all colors, shapes, and sizes . it was an intimate setting which allowed me to network with so many people who have the same passion as me . what more can you as for ?

ImageImage 1

blonde bombshell. professionally chic head to toe //shades F21 $5.80 // lipstick Christian Dior $34 // grandmothers pearl earrings $priceless // F21 accessories . hanger necklace $1.80 // shirt: thrifted //pants: american apparel $78 // michael kors $225 // giuseppe zanotti $725 //

Phographer : Kim Beaute



Fashion Conference
Alexander McQueen shirt / Delpozo pleated front pants / Giuseppe Zanotti cheetah pumps / Multi strand gold necklace / Christian Dior lipstick / Essie nail polish
20131011-220652p.s. check out my beautiful fashionista, friend, make up artist, photographer and miami fashion blogger: Kimberly ( )
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lie witness news : fashion week prank lol .

on Jimmy Kimmel’s latest edition of ‘lie witness news’, he interviews naive new york fashion week groupies about designers that don’t exist — eddie munster, meadowlark lemon, george gostanza — current trends like watermelons and poop on the models’ heads . we all know people like this . they pretend to know about designers that don’t exist and trends that haven’t been set . they look ridiculous and say that ” you don’t get it .” it’s all about appearance . appearing to know what’s going on is more important then actually knowing what’s going on. everything is based on personal taste, the only thing that really matters is people’s opinions . you don’t want to be out of the loop when it comes to designers you haven’t heard of , so you adopt a vague opinion about them . it might work, but in this case the designers don’t exist and you look foolish . this is why i have trust issues now . be yourself ! luckily, Jimmy Kimmel exposes them . lol . good laugh .