Wardrobe Styling



consultation is completed in the privacy of your home . it is a multi-step process which identifies your personal image and coordinates outfits into categories using pieces you already have in your wardrobe . i also focus on organizing your closet and teach you how to incorporate existing pieces with new ones based on body shape and color . any pieces that are not used will be donated to a local charity of choice to help others in need .


this consultation analyzes your current image and takes the elements you love to recreate a personalized style that will meet your needs . i explore your body shape and colors to build a wardrobe that will enhance your natural beauty . you will be amazed to see how the right style and colors can bring out your best features and give you a whole new perspective and chic look.



whether you enjoy shopping or quiver at the very thought of it . i will educate and provide you with the tools necessary to make the process a positive and enjoyable experience for you . if this is not your forte, i am available to alleviate all of these issues and provide you with a personalized service to meet all of your shopping needs . these services are perfect for every day, special occasions or holiday shopping .


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