Happy New year !! the new year always seems to give me the opportunity to have a fresh new start . 2013 gave me great memories of my last track & field season after competitively competing for 15 years , graduating from the University of Florida, my big brother got married, a job and another year of celebrating the holidays with my family . But of course you have your downs of the lost of loved ones and friendships you thought were real . life is like an elevator : on your way up, sometimes, you have to stop and let some people off . *kanye shrug* . all in all, i’m enjoying the journey of hard work and sometimes failures . past six months since graduation i have encountered rapid success . i’m on the right track but no where near where i wanna be . 2014 will be a great year . consistency is key . #goaldigger .DSC_0031_2 DSC_0110 DSC_0128DSC_0131

Business woman . what is it that i do ? i’m a stylist .  gladiator . i fix things 🙂  whether you are a busy parent, an ambitious professional, or professional athlete, i can help build a wardrobe that is suitable for your very active and often hectic lifestyle .  i will give you cohesive pieces that coordinate easily together, enhance your body’s unique proportions & coloring, and ensure that you look your best at all times . this will enable you to get dressed quickly, while still looking stylish and feeling comfortable & appropriate in any situation . i have four services that will help you find a style to best match what your life is like today or perhaps the new look and life you want to create .




d149fimg-thingNMX0BZH_mx  black blazer

necklace : express . dress : erin fetherson . black blazer : thrifted . watch : michael kors . shoes : guess .

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