My top 5 Best dress men of 2013 .

#5 Victor Cruz . American football player for the Giants . 1387321539926_Most-Stylish-2013-13-Victor-Cruz

#4 Idris Elba . (actor) Oh my imaginary husband can pull off any look *google eyes* 1387404853879_Most-Stylish-2013-9-Idris-Elba

#3 LeBron James . Mr. Miami Heat himself . (NBA)  I admire that he wears what he wants even even though people try to talk sh**t about him . he ain’t got no worries !!


#2 Pharrell Williams . To the man who never ages he has the perfect style . 1387494315110_pharrell-25bdm

#1 Kanye West . whether you admire him as a person or not you can’t deny how fashion forward he is . yeezus is number 1 on my list . 1387404853876_Most-Stylish-2013-7-Kanye-West

check out GQ the 25 most stylist men of 2013 


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