the good life .


my weekend is off to a good start . had a mini photoshoot on my friend’s yacht . FASHION . i’ve been wanting to wear this shirt from kenneth cole for the longest . the shirt was originally $95 but i got it on “sale” for $69 bucks . i know not really a sell but i had to have it !. its comfortable and i’m a sucker for great quality . silk is my favorite material to wear . my pink tutu skirt from forever 21 is old . actually, the last time i wore it was last halloween when i dressed as a fairy . my circle sunglasses, cupcake pendant, green triangle ring, two toned bracelet, and belt are all from f21 also . and my shoes . yesssss lawd . my new favorite item to my wardrobe . my high heel open ankle boot style court shoe was ($89.90) and worth every penny . they are definetly classic shoes that won’t ever go out of style . zara is one of my favorite stores to shop at . below you can get these looks or the alternative . i hope everyone enjoys there weekend . shop till you drop and enjoy your family . Happy holidays . xoxo .


Photograher: Boss Brooke


500x5007225201040_1_1_1Adult Tutu - Light Pink Organza Tutufbd94436428bf1d036e3b563460ed214.image.180x208

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