get fine in the wintertime .


hello december . time to bring sexy back starting today . i figured why wait for new years to get in shape . after running track since 7 years old for a total of 15 years on a national level … i deserved a longgg break . 6 months has been enough . and although i have been eating better and i haven’t gained a pound . i want my muscular thighs back and some abs would be nice too . today i started off with running a song, walk a song for about 20 minutes . during my “off” or walk i did lounges, squats, drills, abs or push ups . easy day compared to the craziness i did at UF on the track team but those hills had me tired ! this is day one and i will be bringing you different work out pics/tips each week . i’m ready . the sky is the limit . GO GATORS !!!!!!!

DSC_0356DSC_0288 2DSC_0249DSC_0293DSC_0276 DSC_0270DSC_0324DSC_0311DSC_0353

i’m sore alreadyyyyyy !


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