♥ ßLACΚ  G O D S  live within us all . . .


D O P E x GO L D  is representing art, boldness, and future wealth . the brand takes pride in captivating minds with an art form mixing the most historic moments with the future of dopeness creating an unorthodox line . my look i went for was a black goddess . instead of doing the typical “street wear” hat to the back, ripped jeans, combat boots. . . blah blah . i wanted to keep it girlie . with a long skirt and my pink crown .  just as open minded as dopexgold is with high fashion street style . . . so am i . i can be hood but i wanted this amazing quality tee to be presented in a peaceful , natural setting and with a pop of pink . with the wind blowing through my hair and skirt i felt “gone with the wind fabulous! ”  . . . bow down ya bish ! ! ! .

IMG_2643IMG_2633IMG_2657 IMG_2658IMG_2670IMG_2654


black G O D D E S S// dark purple lipstick // F21: free spirit flower crown $5.80 // grandma pearl earrings : priceless // dopexgold tee : shop online // h&m : alligator ring $4 something // opi : hot-hot-hot $8.50 // kenneth cole skirt : $150 // nasty gal : jeffrey campbell $188 //crate and barrel camille 23 oz wine glass (the one olivia pope uses in SCANDAL!!!!!) : $12.95 //


5 thoughts on “

  1. Man….. your look is hella fly I love it…. we want more we want more loven that New York shirt and the rope necklace you killing them right now!


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