fa$hion killa . bang bang . boom boom .

on my worst behavior ? no .

they used to never wanna hear us . remember ?

—– Drake 



blah . don’t judge me . as girlie as i can be i love street wear . i’m a typical gemini . i’m changeable . i’m young . i’m versatile . i love all type of music and was actually happy to see that Forever 21 was including some throwback 90’s hip hop rappers/groups . which include but not limited to ice cube, wutang, snoop, and N. W. A (niggaz wit attitude) .  with that being said i took no offensive to the picture below that had people outraged .


i believe people looked at F21 shirts as offensive vs fashionable fun simply because . . . they don’t know any better . some people preached “oh its because it was on a white model.” ok but we all know if it was on a black model it would’ve been considered racist . you can’t satisfy everyone . but what mainly bothered me was that OTHER STORES HAVE THESE SHIRTS . if you know fashion you would know they are carried in urban outfitters . why no outrage with them ? hmm . maybe  because F21 shoppers who “feel some type of way” have myopic pea brains and only know about charlotte russe, louis vuitton, saks fifth ave and what city trends sells . shops in bal harbor sell compton shirts and f*** tom ford shirts, did you know that ?. F21 tries to cater to all people to keep up their competitors such as urban outfitters and H&M . you get mad they have shirts that say beverly hills, miami, LA or yale, harvard but STILL get mad at the compton shirts . or would you be more satisfied with overtown and FAMU shirts ? wait, no . . . that would be racist, . . right? F21 didn’t come up with the rap groups name niggaz wit attitude . the group did ! the group referred to themselves as AmeriKKKa’s most wanted . its self expression . its urban wear . don’t hurt yourself thinking so hard to throw out the race card . its the name they go by just as the beatles, jackson five or temptations decided to call themselves .

whatever is perceived as negative = black . i don’t consider those who wanna wear grills, twerk, wear snapbacks and jordans as “acting black” . its hip hop people . if thats what miley cyrus, justin bieber , the kardashians , rita ora, katty perry, maddona, etc wanna do/wear . good for them ! but for whatever is positive = white . sooo, when i have blond hair,  listen to paramore, made UF honor roll, speak properly and clearly . i’m told “i’m acting  white”     -____-     REALLY ?????

photo 1

my day started out meeting up with a few models with NewRules PR at Prince J’s with a spiked Oj .

photo 3

and then tootsies for lunch . they have the best food ! and drinks (patron margarita) . dancers ? not so much x_X

photo 4


thrifted hat and black blazer // F21 N.W.A shirt $14.90 // Bee Darling dress from Macy’s (actually wore this mint green dress to my brother’s wedding in  July) $190 // forever 21 accessories $4.80-$12.80 // cole hann shades // pinking of you O.P. I nail polish $8 #breastcancerawareness //



PHOTOGRAPHER : Jeremy Newnham

little history:  “N. W. A. was an american hip hop group from compton, california widely considered one of the seminal acts of the gangsta rap and west coast hip hop sub-genres, sometimes credited as the most important group in the history of rap music .  active from 1986 to 1991, the rap group endured controversy due to the explicit lyrics that many considered to be disrespectful to women, and glorifying drugs and crime  .”

all in all, i just wish people would think before reacting or feeling offended . be open minded . bigger things going on in the world than racism . if something is bothering or popular and just curious, do your research . just like those who say beyonce is illuminati and kanye west worships the devil . did you know only men can be illuminati and they DO NOT worship the devil ? truth .

p.s. noooooooo i don’t believe in guns and violence . keep calm, gun is NOT real .


Fa$hion killa

6 thoughts on “fa$hion killa . bang bang . boom boom .

  1. Took some words right of my mouth ! I love reading your posts ! You speak so real . I really didn’t even know about illuminati .


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