2 thoughts on “Pink: Breast Cancer awareness month

  1. Its not unusual for the store to have the pink lids out around September but, I do remember the Breast Cancer Association did a put a lid on it campaign for Yoplait because Yoplait was claiming that all the proceeds were going to help in the battle in breast cancer but, when it came to 18 cents for lid and breast cancer research was getting only 5% of that then yes Yoplait put a lid on it. Breast Cancer is a campaign that I am always willing to support but, I found out that even if caught early it can cause other problems. My Aunt died on my birthday due to complication after four years of surviving breast cancer it was really sad but, she is in my memory and thats what matters. I hope that we do find something that will keep the cancer under control and not come back.

    1. i’m so sorry about your aunt . my grandmother had cancer also . i agree, i really hope they find something to control it and for it to not come back .


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