lana del RAY

classic . if you haven’t heard this song before . tuhhh . you were born to listen to this !! year old song but one of the best songs EVER . Lana is not only beautiful but has such a unique voice . I love music and music has no color . to me , this song is basically knowing that her “relationship” is coming to an end . just because you love someone or something doesn’t mean it’s good for you (object of her love can be a person or drug) .  she knows they can’t be together all she wants is to party . not think about the future . but in the end they both weren’t meant to be together (born to die) . ek . can you relate to this feeling ? i can . chuh .

lana del rey

 And if you enjoyed that. check out her newer song ;  

Lana Del Rey vs Cedric Gervais ‘Summertime Sadness’ Remix


( click on each photo to watch official videos )

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