joel: part one .

new to me . maybe old to you . Joel Osteen your best life now . found it at a local thrift store for .75 cents . i have been reading it in the morning . (then the sun sentinel newspaper #grandma) . it has been hard not to read the entire book at once . very motivating thus far . interesting . especially for those who are wanting to live life to its fullest potential . he speaks of enlarging your vision, realizing the power of your thoughts and words, and turning adversities into opportunities for growth .

low expectations will trap you in mediocrity; high expectations will motivate you and propel you to move forward in life .


oh   y e a h . i’m so in love with my magnetic page monkey clips i got from barnes and nobles two days ago . it came in a pack of six which is convenient for all the different books and magazines i read at once . i got tired of forgetting what page i was on, folding the edge, and just having only one fancy book marker . he’s totally cute with some green . perfect match with my pink highlighter .  might go back and get one more pack . $5 .


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